ELC TR-5000 5000-Watt Voltage Regulator Transformer 110/220V The new ELC TR-5000 watt Step Up/Step Down heavy duty voltage regulator with transformer is a plug and play device. Simply, set the input voltage to the country's voltage you will be using it in, afterwards just connect it to any AC outlet and switch on the transformer.. 8mm Forum » 16mm Forum » Philips EL 5000 : UBBFriend: Email this page to someone! Author Topic: Philips EL 5000 ... Biggest problem was the original Philips lamphouses used 1000 Watt lamps so the light was nowhere near as good as a B&H with a 250W halogen. ... that the "spot" of the light was further from the mirror face than that of the ELC. Power banks cannot be used to charge devices while on the plane . You may not charge a power bank on the plane or use any of its other functions. III.You do not need to declare lithium battery- powered devices or spare lithium batteries that do not exceed 100 Wh (watt-hours). "/>Elc t-5000 5000-watt